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The Secret Tunnels of Bonifacio Global City

Bonifacio Global City is the epitome of modernity. This busy megacity, touted as the Philippines’ next business capital, is home not only to multinationals and embassies, but also trendy clubs, restaurants, and glamorous boutiques. It is poised to grow even further, thanks to an infusion of investment from the country’s largest real estate developer, Megaworld Corporation. The company will be pouring billions of pesos into townships that include residential, corporate, and commercial districts.

It’s amazing to think that underneath the skyscrapers and sidewalks lies an underground labyrinth of mysterious tunnels. These tunnels, which are located near Megaworld at the Fort properties, tie today’s city to one of the most exciting times in the country’s military history.

A bit of history

While urban legend says that General Douglas MacArthur ordered the construction of the tunnels as a bomb shelter during the Second World War, the tunnels were actually built much earlier. Construction began in 1910, about the same time the Americans began building Fort McKinley. The area served as the American’s military headquarters, with the tunnel used as the main supply depot of the north and southern operations of the US forces against the Filipino revolutionaries.

Changing of hands

In the 1940s, the height of the Second World War, the Japanese seized control of the fort. By 1942, they had occupied Manila. The Japanese renamed Fort McKinley “Sakura Heiei” and made it the headquarters for its most important military officials, including the famous Japanese commander Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita.

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